The Constitution of the Waveney Business Forum was accepted and adopted at the Annual General Meeting which took place on Monday 3rd November 2014.

  1. Name
    The name of the organisation shall be known as the Waveney Business Forum.
  2.  Aims
    The Waveney Business Forum brings together representatives from all of the existing business associations, trader association and chamber of commerce groups from within the Waveney area. This includes the market towns of Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth, Southwold as well as Lowestoft (including Kirkley), the Lowestoft & Waveney Chamber of Commerce and the Waveney and Great Yarmouth branch of the Federation of Small Businesses.The Forum aims to:

    • provide a collective and strong voice for all businesses in the area on a range of local and national issues
    • raise the profile of the towns as business locations by using shared branding and media channels e.g. websites and social media tools
    • help to build and strengthen local supply chains opportunities
    • enable joint procurement opportunities to produce cost savings and a greener approach to service and produce provision
    • provide a greater focus on business opportunities through business and networking events
    • support the particular needs of local employers through shared training and skill provision and knowledge transfer
    • work in partnership in the collection and sharing of data within the forum and ensure that there are active lines of communication between all members of the Business Forum
    • support and strengthen the role of the business associations within each of their separate localities
  3. Membership of the Waveney Business Forum
    The Business Forum is open to any business association, trader association, chamber of commerce group and other independent business or self employed person in the Waveney District area with an interest in supporting the aims and objectives of the Forum.For the term of 2014/15 there are no members in the WBF but in the event someone or some group wished to join, each member shall serve a minimum term of one year before being elected onto the Committee at the subsequent Annual General Meeting.The Committee is to consist of at least two representatives from each group who will have one vote. In the event of a tied vote, the Chair shall have a second or casting vote.For the term of 2014/15 the Committee represent the following organisations:

    • Beccles Business and Tourism Association
    • Bungay  Events and Business Assocation
    • Halesworth Business Connections
    • Halesworth Tourism Group
    • Kirkley Business Association
    • Lowestoft and Waveney Chamber of Commerce
    • Suffolk Coast
    • Waveney District Council

    If any member has a personal and prejudicial interest in a matter they must declare their interest at the start of the meeting and not take part in the debate or vote of that particular matter.

  4. Business Forum Board Appointments
    The normal term of office for the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer shall be one year. For the term of

    • The Chair is named as Yvonne Baynes
    • The Vice Chair is currently vacant
    • The Secretary is named as Joanne Chapman
    • The Treasurer is named as Christine Pinsent
  5. Meetings
    The Business Forum shall hold at least four ordinary meetings each year. Other events may be held throughout the year depending on the need and demand from the members, committee and board.
    The quorum necessary for the transaction of business shall be at least five members, of which one must be the Chair or Vice Chair.Each year between 31st March and 31st November the Board will arrange and hold an AGM. The AGM will:

    • Receive a report from the Chair on the activities of the Forum for the previous financial year
    • Receive a financial report of the Forum accounts for the previous year which have been prepared by the Treasurer.
    • Seek nominations for the Board appointments of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary
  6. Special Terms and Conditions
    The Business Forum Board has the power to change the terms of this Constitution provided that the new
    Constitution is forwarded to all of the board members four weeks prior to the next board meeting.
    Should the Business Forum cease to operate, all funds within the Forums accounts to be returned to the
    appropriate funding provider or transferred to another organisation with the compatible aims and